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Web Design Questionnaire

Welcome to this Web Design Questionnaire created by me, Dennis Mullins

This is to help clients share important information that will, hopefully, help to create a useful website. If you’re not ready to fill out the form below, that’s fine. Look around the rest of my website if you want. I have some good info on the other pages that might be of benefit to you. Then when you are ready you can come back to this page and fill out the form below or contact me for more assistance if you need it.

We will not be responding to your answers here. The completed contents of the form will go to the email address entered below. Thanks


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What you have currently

Do you currently have a website? If so what's the domain name? (If not, leave blank).

Do you currently have a logo or corporate colors? Do you have any content at the moment? If so please upload.(Note: Total files should be less than 2 MB in size).

What you want

What is the website's main purpose?

to sell products?to promote services?to collect email addresses?to build a brand or community?other

What is the desired outcome from a visitor arriving at the website

to leave an email address?to make a purchase?to contact you?to fill out a form?other?

Do you want any of the following? (There is space at the end of the form for other requirements).

Blog?Social sharing icons?Contact form?Subscription signup form?Ability to collect email addresses?Ability to sell digital products?Ability to sell physical products?Other?

Your Brand

Select from the drop-down menu to characterize your website's brand: (Hold down ctrl to select more than one. Scroll down to see the complete list).

Approximately how many pages will the website have?

1 - 1011 - 2021- 5050 plus

What is your budget, approximately? Important Note: Sharing a realistic assessment of what you have to spend on this effort will help us scope the engagement appropriately. While disclosing your budget might not be something you typically do, sharing this information with us now will greatly reduce the likelihood of both sides spending significant time and resources "shooting in the dark."

Under $1,000$1,000 plus$2,000 plus$3,500 plus$5,000 plus$10,000 plus

Ideally, when would you like this website completed?

Please list at least three websites that you admire or would like to emulate:

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