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Small Business

You must not be reluctant to spend money on things that will build your brand and increase your sales. This is how you can grow a business. As long as you can get a greater return on the money you spend, than the value of what you spent, you should be willing to make that investment. Learn to spend only on things that have a direct impact on sales. Avoid those that are questionable, such as unproven ad campaigns or expensive customized websites. You need a website, of that there’s no doubt. Do you need a $20,000 website that cost $1,000 a month to maintain? That is a question that needs answered before you buy one. Keep in mind that even a simple website can be expanded and modified as needed. Don’t let anyone sell you more than you need, just because they tell you that you need it.

There are at least two principles related to money that you need to remember. The first is that a business should stay focused on profit. No profit, no business. The second is that borrowing money or investing a lot of money to start a business is not a necessary requirement. Having a web presence could be seen as mandatory in the world today. What it’s function will be varies. For some it may just serve as a place for general information, since people are always looking up businesses on the internet. For others, it may be a place to order product or services.  Other businesses may use it as a place to order gift certificates, tickets, or get coupons that can be redeemed when visiting the brick and mortar store location.

Those are just a few important factors for a small business to consider when they chose to have a web site.  What do you need and what is important to include on your website? Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine what directions your website will take. Contact me, so that I can help you get started.