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Web Site Types

You may not know this, but there are nearly unlimited types and styles of web sites. Word Press alone list over 2,800 free themes. There are also thousands of premium themes that you have to pay extra for.  It’s impossible to get an accurate number, but suffice it to say that over 10,000 different themes are available. Then when you factor in the fact that each theme can be customized, some a little, others a lot, the different combinations run in to the millions. Therefore, the likelihood  of someone having a web site just like yours is probably as close to zero as you can get.

That being said, there are major categories of web site types. I have a handful here that you can look at if you go back to the drop down menu on web site types. You can also click on them in the description that follows, there are non-profits, individual or blogs, business or e-commerce, and weddings or engagements,  just to name a few.

Keep in mind that while there no real limits to what kind of web site you can have, there are limits to what you can place on them, those limits are usually due to budget restrictions. If you want to spend enough, you can pretty much make a web site do anything. However, since no one has an unlimited budget to invest in a website, you will have to make choices on what matters the most to include on your website.  This is where a consultation is required.  Who is your key audience? What is the key message you want to get out? Do you have a product or service that you want to sell? This is just a start.  I have additional questions that you can look at by clicking on this link. I also have a form that you can fill out by going to my contact page . Once you sent the contact information to me, we can schedule a free consultation where we can talk about what kind of web site you want or hope to have.

The consultation will take about an hour to conduct, but once I have an idea of the website you want and what are the main objectives that you hope to achieve with your website, I will be able to give you a ballpark estimate as to what the cost are likely to be. If the estimated cost are within your budget guidelines, then great, we should be able to proceed with building you the website that you want. If the cost is projected to be more than you want or can afford, then we will have to examine the features that you are considering and look at any that we could do without to help lower your cost.  Please keep in mind that your website does not have to contain all the features that you want right from the start. We can put the most important features in initially  and add additional features as your budget allows or as your needs develop. One of the truly great features about building a website using WordPress is how easy changes can be made to your website without having to start from the beginning.